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AFilmCosmos Post Contemporary

What is AFilmCosmos?

AFilmCosmos is a post contemporary visual art collective and gallery (currently online only) based in Madrid, Spain.

Behind it...

AFilmCosmos on social media is curated by RiddleViernes and Ewa K. 

We are visual artists. We started to promote analog visual artists (specially in photography) on the internet since 2018. With two years of non stop detication we have now developed a solid community on different social media platforms. 

The Mood

We focus on curating contents that express the moods of people that are mirrored by the society we are living in, finding the poetic part of it. The Post-Contemporary means, Po-Co in short, act kinda like an answer, or response to a highly digitalised world, just like the Industrial Revolution VS the Romanticism.